Work Process

Our Work Process and EthicsOur Work Process and Ethics

Everyone at SMM Headquarters are heavy users of social media. We spend countless hours posting, reading, commenting, discovering and sparking discussions on social media every day – for our clients, friends and ourselves.

We do not outsource any part of our social media marketing process. We do it all ourselves for our clients. We set up the accounts, write posts and tweets, schedule content, dig out interesting links, research and write blog posts.

We really want you to know one thing. Social media marketing is not an overnight solution. It really works, but you need to be consistent to get results. You need to do it every day, every week, every month.

Despite what others may tell you, fans do not automatically convert into paying customers. Followers do not buy the instant they follow you. Your social media channels are the face of your business that is becoming increasingly visible and crucial for your customers to have access to. Their buying decision will come, and they will buy from you if you keep at it on social media.

Social media is a lot of heavy lifting – we know. SMM Headquarters will do the heavy lifting for you.Social media is a lot of heavy lifting – we know. SMM Headquarters will do the heavy lifting for you.


There are no magic tricks to what we do. We know social media inside out. We use our expertise to put your brand’s best foot forward – consistently, month after month.

We do not employ shady tactics (no spam or clickbait in this house!) or sensationalize trivial things for attention. We do not pay to get you an instant thousand of followers who bring zero value to your social media presence.

Instead, we follow and like accounts that make sense for your brand to like. We build genuine connections with users: your customers, leads, other brands, market influencers. We use targeted advertising to widen your brand’s reach online. Our work is strategic, steady and authentic.